Friday, October 5, 2012

Whip your way to victory!

I would like to design an Indiana Jones game as I used to watch all of the movies with my family. The platform would be in 2D moving left to right. I would have the player overcome obstacles just like he did in the movies to find the ancient artifact before the dark looters finds it first. Locations would be in the deep jungle with wild animals, in a cave with booby-traps, and through Egyptian tunnels with mazes and mummies. Indiana Jones would start off with a famous whip as his weapon and along the way achieve new weapons and tools like flashlights and compasses to help progress through the game. In addition to defeating enemies he will also have to solve puzzles and hide secret hidden passages. In  certain levels I would have the character face forward as the character's back facing us and running through obstacles in tunnel vision. Similar to the Temple Run game you can download free from Apple App Store. He would be running forward at one speed that isn't controllable. You have to react fast to avoid falling in holes, avoid falling rocks and moving boulders, cut your way through spider webs and bamboo forest. I overall think this would be a fun game to develop and maybe see it as a game app one day. 

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