Friday, October 5, 2012

Dream Game

This is one of many favorite games I have played. Gears of War 3 has different game types:  four-player co-op campaign and multiplayer online. This first-person shooter intrigued me most because it emphasized on the use of cover and squad tactics to survive impossible combat situations. It was awesome that the player could choose and carry up to four deadly weapons and different types of grenades at once. Not only holding guns and shotguns you can kill an enemy to pick up his sword for close up combat. The graphics were so intense and crisp that it had me jumping out of my chair during certain brutal fights. I like that you can roam the map but you have specific missions to complete so your not left clueless. The online gameplay is an everlasting addiction to be the best and beat the best. You can link up with friends from all over and even friend new ones to create a friends list to battle with against random parties all over the world. This is the thrill that you never know how good your opponent will be and if your team can be victorious.

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  1. I only ever played the first one, but it did just totally rock. I'm struggling to think of any negative aspects to the game ... I guess it is somewhat scripted in the sequence that you need to do things, but perhaps better than call of duty ...