Friday, October 5, 2012

The Warrior Inside You

My previous mentioned idea about having old action movie characters versus new action movie characters. Old character like Clint Eastwood, John McClane (DieHard), Westly Snipes (Blade), Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid), Mike Myers (Halloween), Austin Powers and so on. New characters like Jet Li, Jason Statham(Transporter), MIB guys, Ghost Rider, Kate Beckinsale(Underworld), Milla Jovovich(Resident Evil). A copyright issue arise and said it would be extremely expensive to get approval to use these characters in my game. So I thought of a new game idea but with the same game style. There is a show on Spike TV called the Deadliest Warrior that shows who would win a fight between certain fighting styles such as a Pirate versus a Medieval Knight or Shaolin Monk versus a Maori Warrior. It would be very difficult to research and find what weapons each fighter has and the type of combat moves they perform. I would develop this on a 2D platform with the option to choose your fighter and have your opponent be a second player or against the computer. It would be interesting to find out who would be your favorite warrior!

Whip your way to victory!

I would like to design an Indiana Jones game as I used to watch all of the movies with my family. The platform would be in 2D moving left to right. I would have the player overcome obstacles just like he did in the movies to find the ancient artifact before the dark looters finds it first. Locations would be in the deep jungle with wild animals, in a cave with booby-traps, and through Egyptian tunnels with mazes and mummies. Indiana Jones would start off with a famous whip as his weapon and along the way achieve new weapons and tools like flashlights and compasses to help progress through the game. In addition to defeating enemies he will also have to solve puzzles and hide secret hidden passages. In  certain levels I would have the character face forward as the character's back facing us and running through obstacles in tunnel vision. Similar to the Temple Run game you can download free from Apple App Store. He would be running forward at one speed that isn't controllable. You have to react fast to avoid falling in holes, avoid falling rocks and moving boulders, cut your way through spider webs and bamboo forest. I overall think this would be a fun game to develop and maybe see it as a game app one day. 


My first idea for a game I would like to design would have to be similar to Super Mario Bros and Astro Boy. I would call it BoyRocket played in a 2D platform. You can control the character to walk, run, jump, and fly. I want the character to have basic fighting moves and develop advanced ones when progress through the game. The character would have a rocket attached to his back allowing him to fly over and under obstacles and  enemies. There will be a fuel gage for his jet pack and when he runs out of jet fuel he must find fuel icons to refill or be forced to walk the ground which makes the game a lot of difficult. There will be box crafts and other objects the character can destroyed that reveals jet fuel and secret powers such as invisibility or indestructible for x amount of seconds or a weapons such as a laser gun for x amount of shots. The story line will be about saving his girlfriend that has been kidnapped from an evil monster and of course wants to take over the world. You will have to defeat different enemies and to final battle him in order to save the world and your girlfriend.

Dream Game

This is one of many favorite games I have played. Gears of War 3 has different game types:  four-player co-op campaign and multiplayer online. This first-person shooter intrigued me most because it emphasized on the use of cover and squad tactics to survive impossible combat situations. It was awesome that the player could choose and carry up to four deadly weapons and different types of grenades at once. Not only holding guns and shotguns you can kill an enemy to pick up his sword for close up combat. The graphics were so intense and crisp that it had me jumping out of my chair during certain brutal fights. I like that you can roam the map but you have specific missions to complete so your not left clueless. The online gameplay is an everlasting addiction to be the best and beat the best. You can link up with friends from all over and even friend new ones to create a friends list to battle with against random parties all over the world. This is the thrill that you never know how good your opponent will be and if your team can be victorious.