Friday, October 5, 2012

The Warrior Inside You

My previous mentioned idea about having old action movie characters versus new action movie characters. Old character like Clint Eastwood, John McClane (DieHard), Westly Snipes (Blade), Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid), Mike Myers (Halloween), Austin Powers and so on. New characters like Jet Li, Jason Statham(Transporter), MIB guys, Ghost Rider, Kate Beckinsale(Underworld), Milla Jovovich(Resident Evil). A copyright issue arise and said it would be extremely expensive to get approval to use these characters in my game. So I thought of a new game idea but with the same game style. There is a show on Spike TV called the Deadliest Warrior that shows who would win a fight between certain fighting styles such as a Pirate versus a Medieval Knight or Shaolin Monk versus a Maori Warrior. It would be very difficult to research and find what weapons each fighter has and the type of combat moves they perform. I would develop this on a 2D platform with the option to choose your fighter and have your opponent be a second player or against the computer. It would be interesting to find out who would be your favorite warrior!


  1. Great way to get around the copyright issue; although as I've mentioned to others you can maybe develop things for your personal portfolio using characters from films and TV and use it to show your potential. Berton's doing that with a Battlestar Galactica game he developed in the class last year, but it means that you definitely can't sell the game. Of course if people love it, perhaps the copyright owners will jump in and say "let's do this", but your alternate approach is great, and I think it wouldn't be so difficult to research the weapons for historical characters I think what would require work would be balancing the game play so that it was actually fun, but more of that later ... :-)

  2. This is a great idea. I have watched the Deadliest Warrior show and many times disagree with their predicted outcomes because of the strategies use with certain units. This game would be a good mix of strategy and skill since the key would be choosing a unit that fights in a way you can utilize. I think another challenge would be picking the types of warriors. On the show I have seen them use modern military units to fight more primitive ones. In the gaming style (I'm assuming it would be similar to Street Fighter), this might not be possible due to the firepower difference. However, I noticed the ones you used in your example above are perfectly balanced in this regard.