Friday, October 5, 2012


My first idea for a game I would like to design would have to be similar to Super Mario Bros and Astro Boy. I would call it BoyRocket played in a 2D platform. You can control the character to walk, run, jump, and fly. I want the character to have basic fighting moves and develop advanced ones when progress through the game. The character would have a rocket attached to his back allowing him to fly over and under obstacles and  enemies. There will be a fuel gage for his jet pack and when he runs out of jet fuel he must find fuel icons to refill or be forced to walk the ground which makes the game a lot of difficult. There will be box crafts and other objects the character can destroyed that reveals jet fuel and secret powers such as invisibility or indestructible for x amount of seconds or a weapons such as a laser gun for x amount of shots. The story line will be about saving his girlfriend that has been kidnapped from an evil monster and of course wants to take over the world. You will have to defeat different enemies and to final battle him in order to save the world and your girlfriend.

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